Announcing Tommy's new Multi-media program "BALLAD OF A SONGMAN"
Tommy Sands, County Down's singer, songwriter and social activist, has achieved something akin to legendary status in his own lifetime. From the pioneering tours with the highly influential Sands Family, playing Carnegie Hall to Moscow's Olympic Stadium, he has become one of Ireland's most powerful songwriters and enchanting performers. He enjoys celebrity status in many parts of the world, tempered by artistic integrity and the sorrow of personal tragedy in his war torn homeland.

Walking the road between two cultures, he dreams of an Island at peace with itself. Indeed, his songs speak to all that Ireland is, from its troubled past to its indomitable spirit and a vision of "a land of dreaming." And his work around the globe speaks to our common heritage, using music to bridge cultural differences. In this way he shares a vision with songwriters instigating social change such as Phil Ochs, Joan Baez, and close friend the late Pete Seeger.

With a new multi-media show based on his highly acclaimed autobiography and more concert dates than ever, Tommy continues to tour and is one of the most sought after performers in the world of folk music and beyond. His performances include concerts and educational programs at performing arts centers, folk clubs, and schools. The music moves from traditional Irish to contemporary folk, and Tommy's lyrics evoke images of Ireland and make edgier commentaries on social consciousness.

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