The new CD from Tommy with Moya and Fionán

The new CD "Arising from the Troubles" will be launched at a very special event in the very place that Democracy has designed to deal with Troubles ... in the Northern Ireland Parliament. Also present will be a host of well known musicians, poets, painters and people from the community who have been working all down the years towards Peacefulness.

It will be an All Party Party as all the Political groups will be offering their own Cultural contribution to the event and celebrating the completion of the first full term of mandate of government since 1972.

"It's a kind of loose artistic Amen", said Tommy Sands, "to a sense of nudgement towards betterment. An acknowledgement of past suffering and a celebration of what has been achieved.  Sometimes The Arts seem a small ignored necessity but just like oil for the running of a car, it can be more than just 'handy'."

Acknowledging the past is represented on the album cover, (a new mural between the Shankhill and The Falls) by Poppies and Easter lilies growing side by side. The concept was devised by a young Community group from across the Belfast Divide called "Ambassadors for Peace".

Perhaps Art, is Northern /North of Ireland's currently best Truth and Reconciliation Commission", said Sands.

"Arising from the Troubles" is an album of songs dealing with the sorrow of both communities and the victory of Peace for all.

Listen to Silent No Longer
from the CD "Arising From The Troubles"
Can be purchased only at present from this web site (click here)