"Let the Circle be Wide" Educational Program

Known throughout the world and beloved in his Irish homeland, Tommy Sands engages audiences of all ages as a singer, songwriter, and storyteller. "Let the Circle be Wide” is the title of both Tommy’s latest recording and his school program for grades 3 through 12. His masterful talents, apparent on concert stage and school auditorium alike, can be felt in his work as an agent of social change. It is within this environment that "Let the Circle Be Wide" has its roots.

"Let the Circle Be Wide" is a program full of fun, historical significance, cultural education, and Tommy’s unique message of “harmony achieved in the midst of intense cultural differences”. Children are engaged with legend and folklore, sing-alongs, music (guitar, fiddle, bodhran, mandolin and banjo), and Tommy's delightful charisma. Tommy tells stories in his Irish brogue, replete with characters aplenty, that communicate underlying ideas about the importance of peace and the global family.

Like all of Ixtlan's educational programs, "Let the Circle Be Wide" is curriculum-related and offers a complete teacher's guide crafted by teaching professionals to aid educators in connecting the performance to classroom academics. The program is enhanced through instrument and voice by the musical talents of Tommy's children and accomplished musicians, 26-year-old Moya and 27-year-old Fionán Sands.

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