Oh Danny Boy, where did you come from?

It is perhaps the most well known of Irish melodies. But not everything about this tune is as it seems. A look into the past reveals an elegiac lament, written in the early 1600s, known as "O'Cahan's Lament." We know it today as “Danny Boy”.

Tommy Sands has created a new song, based on the original tune of “Danny Boy”, called “The Young Man's Dream”. Tommy’s interest in the traditional piece was spurred by his daughter Moya's curiosity and diligent research. Moya found that Danny Boy's origins were deep in Ireland's past, and her passion to discover more about the famous song's musical history has resulted in this hauntingly beautiful addition to Tommy's new CD, Let the Circle Be Wide. Woven in the ethereal fabric of dreams, the lyrics foretell a new and more peaceful reality for Ireland.

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