Tommy Sands Announces First Round of Dates of a
32 Date Irish Tour Scheduled for September & October 2011

“I have been travelling the world of late from the Mid West to the Middle East from the West Bank to West Bengal. This coming Autumn I want to reconnect with old friends that I have known all around Ireland. I have missed seeing them due to all my far off travels… and I am looking forward to all the new friends that I have yet to meet on this very special journey of my homeland. This Autumn I will play in every single one of the 32 counties of Ireland North and South. I will sing new songs about the ravages of the so called Celtic Tiger and also songs about the spirit that has withstood much greater pain from the past. I am going to play in large theatres like the National Concert Hall in Dublin and more intimate venues of all shapes and sizes across Ireland. I can’t wait for the journey to begin.”

Tommy Sands

Play "Every County on the Island"
32 Counties in a Month and a Day Click here for the Poster