Down by the Lagan Side
Tommy Sands - © Elm Grove Music

I sang this song for the first time to celebrate the new diversity and the opening of the Belfast’s Waterfront Hall on the banks of the Lagan. On stage was Janet Harbison’s Belfast Harp Orchestra, The Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band and Vedran Smailovic from Sarajevo. During the week of the Good Friday Agreement we sang it many times and many times later. When we dance we’ll dance together.

Well, I thought she was a vision that stopped me with her smile
Down by the river, we walked along in style
She says: you're welcome back again - and won't you stay awhile
Down by the Lagan side

And when we dance, we'll dance together
When we cry, we'll hold each other
And when we love, we'll love forever
Down by the Lagan side

I said: who owns that music, so full of joy and pain
That the pipers and the harpers and the Lambeg drummers play
She said: who owns the teardrops, falling in the rain
Down by the Lagan side

And do you not remember, we once walked side by side
And the bells of Belfast city sang harmony and pride
The past it has been taken, but the future's yours and mine
Down by the Lagan side.